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Fathers Special Interest Group

The Fathers Special Interest Group advocates for the inclusion of fathers when studying and treating perinatal mental illness.

The Fathers SIG hosted a roundtable at the International Marcé Society Biennial Scientific Meeting 2020 to provide education about research, clinical practice, and policies on fathers during the perinatal period. During the roundtable, we opened membership to all Marcé members who were interested in or currently incorporating fathers into their work.

Currently, we have almost 150 members worldwide and growing. We have created a members only listserv to distribute information and create dialogue amongst the SIG. We want to create an international community and ensure the members stay informed about cutting-edge research and clinical practices.

Our group’s paper Expanding the international conversation with fathers’ mental health: toward an era of inclusion in perinatal research and practice has been published by the Archives of Women’s Mental Health in the 40th anniversary special issue. We developed this paper to provide an overview of paternal perinatal mental health, assessment of paternal depression/anxiety, the impact on the family, and offer future directions for the field of paternal perinatal mental health.

We are encouraging any International Marcé members who are clinicians or researchers interested in fathers to join our SIG by contacting our Executive Office.

~ Sheehan Fisher, Chair, Fathers SIG

Recent Events: 

The Fathers Special Interest Group of the International Marcé Society hosted a discussion on engaging fathers in a clinical setting to give members an opportunity to have a discourse with perinatal experts from different disciplines.

To view the recording of the session, click here.