Marcé of North America

Who We Are

Dr. Katherine Wisner, the visionary and founder of the Perinatal Mental Health Society, convened a group of perinatal specialists (listed below) at the Perinatal Mental Health Conference in Chicago, IL in November 2015 at the Allerton Hotel.  During the meeting, the specialists agreed unanimously to the proposal to launch a Marcé regional group for North America, MONA (formerly known as the Perinatal Mental Health Society ) was born. 


The Marce Society of North America is committed to the advancement of Clinical Care, Research, Advocacy, and Education. We accomplish our mission by, Promoting interdisciplinary preventive and treatment services to childbearing women, their families, the public, and general medical community, Encouraging the development of novel assessment, diagnostic, treatment and integrative care strategies, Translating our science into practice and policy from the local to the global audience through publications, training, service development and leadership in perinatal mental health, Supporting the development of a highly skilled, diverse, multi-disciplinary professional staff at the cutting edge of perinatal mental health through continued education, research and encouragement of creativity, and Conducting our organizational functions in an ethical, professional and fiscally responsible manner. 


Our Vision is a world in which childbearing women, their children and families enjoy the benefits of mental health and well-being. 

When the group was founded/started: 2015

Membership Information: 

MONA United States - Professional $225 USD

MONA United States - Student $100 USD

MONA Canada - Professional $200 USD

MONA Canada - Student $85 USD

MONA Mexico - Professional $54 USD

MONA Mexico - Student $29 USD

Main point of contact:


Upcoming Meetings: 

November 5-8, 2025 

Toronto, Canada

Executive Committee:

President- Dr. Simone Vigod 

President-Elect- Dr. Lauren Osborne

Treasurer- Dr. Krista Huybrechts 

Secretary- Dr. Amanda Yeaton-Massey