Sociedad Marcé Espanola (MARES)

Who We Are

The Marcé Spanish Society for Perinatal Mental Health (MARES) is an association for the study, understanding, prevention and treatment of mental disorders related to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. The main objective of this Society is to promote, facilitate and communicate current scientific knowledge on the perinatal mental health of women, their children and partners. It is a multidisciplinary society that promotes the participation and meeting of all disciplines involved in perinatal mental health. The Spanish Marcé Society is a member of the International Marcé Society (Marcé Society), which organizes an international meeting every two years, a very active forum exclusively for members in which professionals from all over the world participate, and the official magazine of the Society Archives of Women's Mental Health.

When the group was founded/started: 2015

Membership Information: 

Diamond Membership €228.44EUR/ $250 USD
Gold Membership €182.75 EUR/ $200 USD
Silver Membership €73.10 EUR/ $80 USD
Student Membership  €18.28 EUR/ $20 USD
Developing Countries Membership €18.28 EUR/$20 USD

Main point of contact: 


Executive Committee:

President: Dr. Jorge Osma López 

Vice President: Dr. Jesús Cobo Gómez

Secretary: Dr. Verónica Martínez-Borba

Treasurer: Dr Laura Andreu Pejó