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About the Australasian Marcé Society


About Us:

Welcome to the Australasian Chapter of the Marcé Society, a community committed to advancing mental health support for women and families during pregnancy and the postnatal period in Australia and New Zealand.

Established in 1995 as a reflection of the region's growing dedication to addressing these critical issues, our chapter is an integral part of the global Marcé Society network. We embrace a multidisciplinary approach, providing a vibrant platform for healthcare providers, researchers, and consumers to exchange ideas and knowledge. We are particularly passionate about indigenous childbirth-related mental health, recognising the unique challenges and opportunities within our communities.

 In addition to traditional mental health concerns related to childbearing, our members are engaged in broader areas such as the maternal-infant relationship, attachment theory, perinatal bereavement, and psychosocial aspects of obstetrics. We prioritise close collaboration between clinicians and researchers, ensuring that our efforts are grounded in evidence-based practices.

As advocates for greater public awareness and resource allocation, we actively campaign for enhanced support for research and services. Through educational initiatives and engagement with policymakers, we seek to influence positive change and improve outcomes for women and families in our region.

Join us in our mission to promote mental health and well-being during this transformative period of life. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Upcoming Meetings: Melbourne 2025 

Pre-conference workshops Thursday 4 September 2025

Australasian Marcé Conference Friday 5 – Saturday 6 September 2025

Group Founded: 1995

Membership Information:

Gold Membership (AU$250/USD$165 )

Silver Membership (AU$180/USD$118)

Student Membership (AU$70/USA$45) 


Executive Committee: 

President- Dr Karen Wynter

Treasurer- Lisa Dreyer