Nordic Marcé Society | The International Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health

Nordic Marcé Society

Welcome to the Nordic branch of the Marcé Society. You can find the latest news and updates at our website and on our Facebook page.

The Nordic Regional Group participated in the first World Maternal Mental Health Day on May 4, 2016. Please read our blog post, “The Taboo of the Happy time”

Signe Karen Dørheim
Psychiatrist, PhD

Pamela Massoudi
Clinical Psychologist, PhD

Merethe Vinter
School nurse, MEd

Communication officer:
Gro Vatne Brean
Specialist in clinical psychology

Members of the board:
Malin Eberhard-Gran
M.D., Professor

Birgitta Wickberg
Docent, PhD

Kari Slinning
PhD, Associate professor

Kari Glavin
Public health nurse, PhD

Ewa Andersson
RNM (registered nurse midwife), PhD

Pirjo Mäki
Professor, MD, PhD