United Kingdom and Ireland Marcé Society

Who We Are

UKIMS was formed in 2004 when it was decided that although the Marcé Society was represented across the globe there was no actual British and Ireland Society. The first President, Dr Alain Gregoire created a multi-agency Executive Committee, with members from non-government organizations, midwifery, psychiatry, psychology, perinatal mental health, and health visiting. Regional coordinators were also appointed to represent the views of members throughout the UK and Ireland. Since its conception UKIMS has gone from strength to strength, and the membership is steadily increasing. The Newsletter, Perinatal Perspectives, is produced twice yearly and contains the news and views of members. The differing levels of fees means there is the opportunity to influence and shape the future direction of this growing dynamic branch of the Society. Members can take advantage of the current Listservs, the Marcé Newsletter, join the Special Interest Groups, access the MARCE Mentorship Program, and enjoy invitations to discounted international and regional conferences. There have been UKIMS conferences in South Wales, Devon, Cornwall, Nottingham, and joint conferences in the South of England. There is an annual scientific meeting in London and the venue provides a safe and assuring platform for young, new academics, clinicians and researchers to present their work. The major strengths of UKIMS and the Marcé Society are the friendliness and camaraderie which pervades throughout. Eminent clinicians’ debate and discuss their work with novices; researchers share their thoughts with clinicians and practitioners. Everyone is passionate about perinatal mental health and committed to making a difference to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all families.

Any upcoming meetings the group may have: UKIMS Conference 2024. January 25th 2024 ( more information is on the upcoming meeting page) 

When the group was founded/started: 2004

Membership Information:

Silver Membership £62.85 GBP/$80 USD

Student Membership £15.71 GBP/$20 USD 

Main point of contact: ukimarcesociety@gmail.com 

Executive Committee:

Chair: Dr. Jane Hanley

Vice Chair: Dr. Claire Wilson

Secretary: Dr. Sue Smith

Treasurer: Dr. Louise Howard