2016 Society Conference – Melbourne, Australia


Marcé Society Biennial Scientific Conference Program and Abstracts

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 SUNDAY 25th September
08:00-09:00 Workshop Registrations Open
09:00-12:30 Park Lake 1 & 2 Lake 3 & 4 Grand 3
Full Day Workshop Interpersonal Psychotherapy Professor Scott Stuart Workshop Dealing with Uncertainty: practical approaches to prescribing dilemmas in pregnancy and breastfeeding Professor Ian Jones, Dr Roch Cantwell Workshop Secret History: a training method for enhancing non-mental health providers' empathic care for mothers Simone Honikman Full Day Workshop Coordinator: Bronwyn Leigh Joint Marcé/APS (PIPIG)/ AAIMHI Workshop Mindful & Reflective Approach to Mother-Infant Intervention The Reflective Parenting Program The Mindful Parenting Group The Parent Development Interview Diane Reynolds
13:00-16:30 Park Lake 1 & 2 Lake 3 & 4 Grand 3
Full Day Workshop Continued Workshop How to Ask and Respond to Domestic Violence - A Practical how-to-do-it Session Professor Louise Howard Workshop The Premiestart Intervention: Helping parents help their preterm infants Dr Carol Newnham Full Day Workshop Continued
15:00-16:30 Conference Registrations Open
15:00-17:00 Board and Officers Meeting (Board Dinner to follow Welcome Ceremony at 19:00) - Melbourne Room
17:00-19:0017.30-19.00 WELCOME CEREMONY WELCOME TO COUNTRY AND OPENING CEREMONY WITH ENTERTAINMENT FOLLOWED BY COCKTAILS Come and be part of the exciting opening of the Conference!Grand 5 & 6
MONDAY 26th September
08:00 Start Registrations Open
08:00 Start Board and Officers Breakfast
09:00-09:10 Welcome to Country - Carolyn Briggs, Boon Wurrung Foundation
Welcome Address - Frontiers in perinatal mental health: looking to the future 
Professor Jeannette Milgrom, President, Marcé Society
Grand 5 & 6
09:10-10:00 Plenary - Developmental Pathways to Disease and how the Environment Before and After Birth Affects the Risk of Chronic Disease/Infant Development Professor Mark Hanson
Grand 5 & 6
10:00-10:20 Minister's Address
The National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services in Australia The Hon Sussan Ley MP, Minister for Aged Care, Minister for Sport, Minister for Health
Grand 5 & 6
10:20-10:50 Plenary - Domestic Violence and Perinatal Mental Health Professor Louise Howard Sponsored by the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI)
Grand 5 & 6
10:50-11:15 COFFEE BREAK
11:15-12:45 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Invited Speaker and Symposium Symposium Symposium Symposium Workshops
Psychopharmacological Treatment in the Perinatal Period: from research to clinical practice Impact of Interventions Lessons from the Australian Perinatal Depression Initiative (NPDI) and Current Directions Focus on Fathers Disrupted Families - Effects on Infants
Chair: Professor Megan Galbally Chairs: Professor Cindy-Lee Dennis and Dr Jane Morrell Chair: Professor Marie-Paule Austin Chair: Dr Luke Martin Chair: Professor Jennifer McIntosh
Benefits of psychotropic medication in the perinatal period: what is the evidence? Professor Louise Howard Psychotropics and pregnancy - making sense of the data Professor Ian Jones Lithium and other medication in bipolar disorder during pregnancy and the postpartum period Dr Richard Wesseloo Treating depression in pregnancy: focus on child outcomes Professor Megan Galbally Psychopharmacology and Pregnancy: methodological issues in research Adrienne Einarson Psychosocial and Psychological Interventions for Treating Postpartum Depression: An Updated Cochrane Systematic Review Professor Cindy-Lee Dennis (173) Interventions other than psychosocial, psychological and pharmacological interventions for preventing postpartum depression: a Cochrane systematic review Professor Cindy-Lee Dennis (241) The effectiveness of interventions to prevent postnatal depression: HTA systematic review, evidence synthesis and meta-analysis Dr Jane Morrell (358) The cost-effectiveness of interventions to prevent postnatal depression: HTA systematic review, evidence synthesis and meta-analysis Dr Jane Morrell (361) Listening Visits Delivered by U.S. Point-of-Care Providers: Sustainability of Treatment Gains Professor Lisa Segre (21) Effects and consequences for mother and child from treatment for depression. A randomized controlled trial with internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy and sertraline or placebo Dr Ewa Andersson (133)Internet-based depression treatment for adolescent mothersDr Cynthia Logsdon (38)Does exercise or physical activity intervention improve postnatal depression and weight loss? A systematic review Maryam Saligheh (268)Severe Mental Illness and the Risk of Child Abuse Perpetration Associate Professor Susan Hatters Friedman (289) The Australian Perinatal Depression Initiative (NPDI): a policy evaluation - brief project overview

Professor Marie-Paule Austin (85) What was the NPDI funded to achieve and how was it to be evaluated: ideal vs. reality Dr Nicole Highet (229)

Patterns of obstetric, psychiatric and other inpatient service utilization among women giving birth in Australia.

Taryn Major (100)

Hospital costs associated with perinatal mental health diagnoses for Australian women

Dr Mary Lou Chatterton (121)

What has been the impact of the National Perinatal Depression Initiative (NPDI) on Medicare and hospital service use?

Associate Professor Georgina Chambers (208)

Practice Based Evidence from the National Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Helpline

Jenni Richardson (335)

Implementation of FDV screening and intervention in WA Health and application in maternity services.

Dr Felice Watt (259)

Case study: introducing screening in a private maternity hospital

Dr Suzanne Higgins (254)

Australia's first mental health and wellbeing campaign for new fathers: Planning, implementation and progress of the Healthy Dads project  Dr Luke Martin (96) The influence of paternal depression on their children's emotion regulation Dr Selina Nath (182) Fathers' Perinatal Mental Health: An Important and Neglected Topic Holly Rominov (37) Can A Co-Parenting Support Program for Young Expectant Couples Improve Fathers' Adjustment To Parenthood? Dr Paul Florsheim (147) Factors Associated with Poor Father-to-infant Attachment at 6 Months Postpartum: A Community Study in Victoria, AustraliaDr Karen Wynter (45)The course of depressive symptoms in Swedish fathers during the first postnatal years Dr Pamela Massoudi (306) Attachment and coparenting mental representations in fathers during the transition to parenthood Professor Ba´rbara Figueiredo (340)Associations between unsettled infant behaviour, paternal depressive symptoms and anger: a community cohort studyDr Fallon Cook (251) 11:15-12:05Young Children in Divorce and Separation: Development of an online education intervention for separated parentsProfessor Jennifer McIntosh (176)12:05-12:25
What happens now makes a difference: Infants made homeless by family violenceWendy Bunston (378)12:25-12:45Gambling Harm and the Dyadic Relationship: Infants of Parents with Gambling AddictionMonya Murch-Gangemi (291)
13:45-14:15 PLENARY AND LAUNCH OF THE GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH (GAMMH)Dr Alain Gregoire, Chair, UK Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist
Introduction: Professor Jeannette Milgrom, President International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health

Grand 5 & 6
14:15-15:45 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Symposium Symposium Symposium Rapid Communications Workshops
Biological Underpinnings of Postpartum Psychosis and Postpartum Depression Mother-baby units - New developments (UK, France, India and USA) ISPOG Symposium: Innovation in Mental Health Promotion and Prevention: examples from Australia and abroad Service and Developments Innovative Educational Tools
Chair: Dr Divya Mehta Chair: Nine Glangeaud-Freudenthal Chairs: Dr Heather Rowe and Professor Jane Fisher Chair: Dr Adaobi Udechuku Chair: Dr Jo Black
Gene expression in postpartum depression within pharmacologically -induced (GnRHa) depressive symptoms and SERT variability Dr Divya Mehta (67) Biological Underpinnings of Postpartum Psychosis and Postpartum Depression Dr Harish Thippeswamy (272) Lower Allopregnanolone in Pregnancy Predicts Postpartum Depression Dr Lauren Osborne (214) Contributions of genetic risk, social support, and adverse life events with postpartum depression Dr Jerry Guintivano (247)   Panel time at discretion of chair Nine Glangeaud-Freudenthal (32) An evaluation of interventions provided for women with acute severe perinatal mental disorders in England Professor Louise Howard (230) Development of a Scale to Rate Maternal behaviour among mothers with Postpartum Psychosis in Mother Baby units Professor Prabha Chandra (262) Results from the Bordeaux's MBU database: Risk factors for maternal mixed states and request of placement of the baby at discharge Dr Anne-Laure Sutter-Dallay (93) Women & Infants Hospital MBU: USA Model of Care Dr Margaret Howard (244) Quality improvement in perinatal mental health services in the UK - establishing a national network Dr Roch Cantwell (160)  Cognitive Behavioural-Art program: a feasibility and acceptability study in an Australian residential early parenting centre Dr Heather Rowe (48) MIND2CARE, an innovative screen-and-advice model for psychopathology, psychosocial problems and substance use, during pregnancy Dr K. Marieke Paarlberg (59) WAWA - "What Am I Worried About": Adapting an Australian intervention for new mothers residing in the community with symptoms of anxiety and depression Meital Simhi (385) A new way of thinking about prevention of postnatal common mental disorders among primiparous women: evidence from a cRCT of a gender-informed psychoeducational program for couples Professor Jane Fisher (47) Participating in What Were We Thinking and Perinatal Common Mental Disorders: Assessing Mechanisms for Change Dr Karen Wynter (97) Implementing WWWT into standard postnatal care: a translational formative evaluation Dr Heather Rowe (39) GLOW Perinatal Emotional Health & Wellbeing Clinic - a unique concept on the frontier of perinatal and infant mental health Dr Adaobi Udechuku (351) Building organisational capacity to manage perinatal mental health disorders in an early parenting support service Melanie Marsh (191) Gidget House: an original and unique model for the provision of outpatient psychological care Catherine Knox (296) Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Collaborative Day Program: a research project
Dr Catherine Rawlinson (27) Improving maternal outcomes by admitting antenatal women to a Mother and Baby Unit - case presentation Gillian Ennis (237) The Precursor of the Mirror. Attachment, Bonding and a Mother on the Autism Spectrum Dr Angela Livingstone (52) Translational Action-Research in the Development of a Childbirth and Mental Illness Service Jenny O'Callaghan/Felice Watt (260) Enabling Breastfeeding in the Presence of Maternal Mental Health Difficulties: A Perinatal Psychiatrist and GP Lactation Consultant Working Together to Optimise Care Dr Marnie Rowan (290) Perinatal Mental Health in Greece: The case of a primary care center supporting pregnant women, new mothers and their families Dr Maria Daglas (280) Enhancing service engagement through early antenatal screening and referral for at risk families Naomi Guiver (327) Community health workers in integrated mental health care for perinatal depression in Surabaya, Indonesia Endang Surjaningrum (328) Lithium and breastfeeding women: new approach at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne Dr Lisa Amir (392) "I call it emotional turmoil rather than depression": A meta-synthesis of qualitative studies on general practitioners' diagnosis and management of perinatal depression and anxiety  Dr Judy Shakespeare (58)
14:15-14:55Sequential Simulation - an innovative educational toolDr Louise Page (276)14:55-15:35Arts and Minds- working with creative partners to develop training and education toolsDr Jo Black (212)15:35-15:45'I'm not right': Students' evaluation of the film 'Beyond Baby Blue' as an educational resourceDr Sarah Church (356)
15:45-16:15 COFFEE BREAK Film: Beyond Baby Blueand Q&A with Dr Sarah Church
Grand 2
16:15-17:45 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Invited Speaker and Symposium Symposium Symposium Rapid Communications Workshops
Lessons from maternal suicide: 17 years of the UK Confidential Enquiries into Maternal DeathsDr Roch Cantwell (55) Symposium and In-Conference Workshop Training and Pathways to Care: International Perspectives Policy/Implementation/New Horizons The role of GP's in multidisciplinary collaborations
Chair: Dr Roch Cantwell Chair: Dr Alain Gregoire Chairs: Dr Lauren Osborne Chair: Dr Nancy Byatt Chair: Dr Judy Shakespeare
Filicide: Transcultural Perspectives to Inform Prevention. German Marcé Society SymposiumSymposium Chair: Associate Professor Claudia KlierPrevention of Filicide in the Context of the Perinatal PeriodAssociate Professor Claudia Klier (246)Consultations With Key Informants In Malaysia On Why Women Commit FilicideProfessor Jane Fisher (234)Personal Perspectives From Women Convicted Of FilicideDr Maggie Kirkman (231) The Development of Perinatal Mental Health Care in Japan an update ~Apprenticeships with support from the UK ~Symposium Chair: Professor Keiko Yoshida (29)Trends in perinatal mental health care in the UK and relevance to the development of programmes in other nationsDr Alain Gregoire (394)Establishment of community-based mental healthcareDr Rie Oyama and Dr.Yoshihiro Akimoto (155)Obstetric work for the sufferers in the North Japan Disaster Area and their recent work on pregnant womenDr Hiroko Suzumiya, Dr. Hiroshi Yamashita and Prof. Keiko Yoshida (201)The role of psychiatrists in multidisciplinary teams for perinatal women: findings from consultation-liaison workDr Hitomi Seino (101)

In-conference workshop


How to influence national policy and service provision: the experience of the UK MMHA and Everyone's Business Campaign -
Promoting awareness and service development in perinatal mental health

Dr Alain Gregoire and Emily Slater (398)

Training Psychiatrists in Reproductive Psychiatry: The U.S. PerspectiveDr Lauren Osborne (107)Addressing Perinatal Depression: Development, Implementation, Results of a Statewide Consultation and Care Coordination ProgramDr Nancy Byatt (81)Perinatal mental health education in Australia: Past, present and futureAnne Sved Williams (282)Combined with themed abstractsPrenatal psychological distress and access to mental health care in the ELFE cohortDr Anne-Laure Sutter-Dallay (267)Early prenatal interview and antenatal education for childbirth and parenthood: Associated psychosocial and obstetric characteristics in women of the ELFE cohortDr Anne-Laure Sutter-Dallay (292)Patterns of perinatal depression and treatment from pregnancy to five years postpartumDr Angela Bowen (204)If we are saying goodbye to 'listening visits', what does this mean for the way that health visitors support mothers with mental health problems in the future?Catherine Lowenhoff (169)Integrating Maternal Mental Health Care in the Pediatric Medical Home Treatment Engagement and Child OutcomesDr Lauren Osborne (281) Improving Perinatal Depression Care in Obstetric Settings: Program In Support of Moms (PRISM)Dr Nancy Byatt (82)Best Practice Guidelines for Perinatal Depression for Nurses (2016)Dr Angela Bowen (371)California Maternal Mental Health Commission - Findings and RecommendationsDr Emily Dossett (49)Falling between the cracks Perinatal mental health [PNMH] - the poor relation of maternal medicine? Development PilotDr Louise Page (277)Volunteers' experiences of providing peer support on the PANDA Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia HelplineLaura Biggs (252)Dual diagnosis in perinatal mental health care - the synergistic benefits of two specialised servicesMegan Rohde (159)The prevention of postnatal depression: what works for whom - the results of a HTA systematic review realist synthesisDr Jane Morrell (355)Frequency of 'time for self' predicts postnatal depression: results from a prospective cohort studyDr Hannah Woolhouse (115)Using the NBO for vulnerable parents in a busy Perinatal and Infant Mental Health C/L Service how is it useful? Our experience and observations 18 months after its introductionDr Rosalind Powrie (238)'Good Enough' Service Delivery: Promoting sustainable models of care for parent and infant mental health in rural communitiesCaitlin Fraser (266)

Implementation of Partial Hospital MBUs: Gaining Traction in the USA

Dr Margaret Howard (109)

e-PIMH: A Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Workforce Development Pilot

Naomi Kikkawa (125)

Evidence based practice in the community sector: PANDSI's Pathway to Wellness

Dr Marian Currie (401)

16:15-17:00The role of the GP in perinatal mental healthDr Judy Shakespeare (261)17:00-17:45Perinatal Mental Health Complications: The Access to Care ConundrumDr Kimberley Zittel-Barr (23)A Swaddling Community of Care: Assisting Families with Perinatal Mental Health Complications Using Multidisciplinary CollaborationsDr Kimberley Zittel-Barr (24)
17:45-18:45 Roundtable In-Conference WorkshopThe International Marcé Society MBU Network: a proposal to develop a clinical and research network of mother and baby unitsDr Roch Cantwell (295)
19:00 Host Dinner with a Keynote Speaker/Conversation Hours Pre-ordered tickets required for Host DinnersLouise Howard, Ian Jones, Mark Hanson, Rachel Yehuda, Scott Stuart, Diane Reynolds or Rhonda Marriott See website for restaurant details
19:00 Film and Popcorn night (takeaway menu available)BBC Documentary: My Baby, Psychosis and Meand live stream with Rebecca Burrell, Producer/Director, followed by Q & A facilitated by Dr Alain Gregoire
Grand 5 & 6 OR
Relax and explore Melbourne
TUESDAY 27th September
08:00-09:00 Registrations Open
09:00-09:40 Welcome and presentation of John Cox Medal by the President, International Marcé Society, Professor Jeannette Milgrom Plenary - John Cox MedalIntroductory message from Professor John CoxEffects of prenatal anxiety, depression and stress on the child: global implicationsProfessor Vivette Glover
Grand 5 & 6
09:40-10:30 Plenary - Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma - Epigenetic Mechanisms, the in Utero Environment and Early AttachmentProfessor Rachel Yehuda (PTSD)Chair: Professor Vivette Glover
Grand 5 & 6
10:30-10:45 Address: The Hon Martin Foley MP, Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Equality, Minister for Creative IndustriesChair: Professor Jeannette Milgrom
Grand 5 & 6
10:45-11:15 COFFEE BREAK
11:15-12:45 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Invited Speaker and WAIMH Symposium Symposium Symposium Symposium Workshops
Reflect to Connect: parental reflective capacity as a target of parent-infant workInvited speaker: Diane ReynoldsSponsored by NBO, The Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne Prenatal stress, fetal programming, epigenetics and dysregulation Supporting fathers' mental health Nordic Marcé symposium: Results from unique Nordic data sources on birth experiences, treatments, and risks Serious Mental Illness
Chair: Professor Campbell Paul Chair: Professor Vivette Glover Chairs: Dr Francine de Montigny and Associate Professor Richard Fletcher Chair: Dr Signe Dørheim Chair: Dr Anne Sved Williams
WAIMH SymposiumIntervening with the Troubled Early Infant-Parent Relationship through Supporting the Development of Reflective Capacity and Emotional RegulationWhen food is not enough: nonorganic feeding disorders in infants of mothers experiencing serious mental illnessDr Meredith BanksThe ample intervention for adolescent parentsDr Susan NicolsonParenting with feeling - attachment and interactional group intervention for parents with early traumaProfessor Louise Newman Identifying Prenatal Programming in the Prenatal PeriodDr Catherine Monk (336)Microbiota of meconium in newborns is associated with pregnancy specific anxiety mothers experienced during pregnancyProfessor Yoko Nomura (286)The Importance of Intrauterine Environment in Shaping the Neonatal GenomeAssociate Professor Jeffrey Craig (310)Double trouble : impact of maternal obesity and perinatal mood on offspring neurodevelopmentProfessor Rebecca Reynolds (399) Dr Francine de Montigny (35)What research has taught us, in regard to fathers' perinatal mental health?Nine Glangeaud-Freudenthal (8)SMS 4 Dads (Australia)Associate Professor Richard Fletcher (63)The Father Friendly Initiative in Quebec : Enhancing health professionals' competenciesDr Francine de Montigny (91)The Dad Bridge: fatherhood as motivator in clinical practice with men and their familiesDr Matthew Roberts (98)Combined with themed abstractsPsychiatric problems and concerns among husbands of women admitted to a Mother - Baby Psychiatry Unit and the effectiveness of a single group interventionDr Geetha Desai (362)Adapting behaviour change paradigms for delivering support to new fathers via mobile phonesAssociate Professor Richard Fletcher (89)Fathers' depression and paternal adjustment and paternal attitudes during the transition to parenthoodProfessor Bárbara Figueiredo (339)Fathers and Perinatal Mental HealthMark Williams (44) Overall summaryDr Signe Dørheim (219)Antidepressant use during pregnancy and psychiatric disorders in the offspringDr Xiaoqin Liu (224)Fear of childbirth and preference for or actual delivery by elective cesarean section: A population based studyDr Susan Garthus - Niegel (226)Fear of birth during pregnancy - A randomized controlled trial comparing treatment with internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling by midwivesDr Christine Rubertsson (227)Regional Research Themed AbstractsChanges in fear of birth during pregnancy - a randomized controlled trial comparing internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy with standard careHelen Haines, Australia (73)Preschool children born to women with intellectual disability have a higher risk to mortalityBerit Höglund, Sweden (61)Impact of postpartum women's use of psychotropic medicines on breastfeeding outcomes: Findings from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort (MoBa) studyMoni Saha, Australia (393)Mother's postnatal stress: an investigation of links to various factors during pregnancy and post-partumDr Ewa Andersson, Sweden (9) 11:15-12:15Borderline personality disorder: A cross mother. A cross infant. Across cultures. Across the issues?Dr Anne Sved Williams (65)12:15-12:45Maternal Comprehensive Health and Addiction Treatment: Workshop for Implementation in clinical practiceDr Lucy Bayer-Zwirello (213)
13:40-14:10 Plenary - Severe Postpartum Mood Disorders - Who's Really at High Risk?Professor Ian Jones
Chair: Professor Megan Galbally
Grand 5 & 6
14:10-14:30 Consumer Organisation Plenary Working together - Why Collaborating with Consumer Organisations Makes SenseTerri Smith, CEO, PANDA
Chair: Jane Honikman
Grand 5 & 6
14:30-16:00 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Invited Speakers and Symposium Rapid Communications Symposium Invited Workshops Symposium
Screening: The State of Our Knowledge, Issues Around Implementation of Screening Infant Relationships/AttachmentSponsored by The Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED), Deakin University New technologies and methodologies in perinatal mental health research Enhancing the parent-infant relationship Elements of Risk
Overview and Chair: Dr Alan GemmillDiscussant: Professor Jeannette Milgrom Chairs: Dr Rebecca Hill and Dr Sheehan Fisher Chair: Professor Louise Howard Chair: Jennifer Ericksen Chair: Dr Simone Honikman
Round Table and Panel discussion including authors from book: Milgrom, J., & Gemmill, A. W. (Eds.). (2015). Identifying Perinatal Depression and Anxiety: Evidence-based Practice in Screening, Psychosocial Assessment and Management. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.PanelProfessor Marie-Paule Austin,Professor Bryanne Barnett,Professor Anne Buist, Dr Roch Cantwell, Dr Nicole Highet, Professor Ian Jones, Associate Professor Jane Morrell, Dr Judy Shakespeare Audience participation will be encouraged. Structured assessment of caregiving capacity during the postpartum period in women with serious mental illness: Reliability and predictive validity of the Dutch Infant Caregiving Assessment Scales (INCAS)Vandhana Choenni (34)Early relational withdrawal of infants jointly admitted in MBU and links with later developmentDr Anne-Laure Sutter-Dallay (263)Brief infant-parent therapy after MBU admission: Taking action to reduce risk of disorganised attachmentDr Rebecca Hill (346)Do Early Life Exposures Influence the Impact of Prenatal Adversity on Mental Health Trajectories in Children from 2-14 years?Dr Jessica Tearne (315)Case of Dissociative Identity Disorder and parental fitnessDr Siu-Ying Kwok (195)Reflective functioning - parents of term and preterm infants' experiencesDr Meegan Kilcullen (192)Mother and Father Psychobiology in Relation to Parenting and Infant StressDr Sheehan Fisher (311)The Psychosocial Wellbeing of Parents with Infants in the Special Care NurseryKathryn Elliott (316)Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for young Toddlers (PCIT-T): An attachment-based early intervention for disruptive behaviour disordersDr Jane Kohlhoff (319)Caring Mums- Volunteer ProgramMichelle Kornberg (343)

Factors associated with care and protection issues for babies of mothers with an enduring mental illness

Shamila Dharma-Trumps (189)

Balint group OR... Holding the Holders

Dr Svetlana Trmcic (350)

Introduction: The Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED), Deakin University

*The ATP-G3 MAC Lab: Australia's first intergenerational attachment data. Snapshot of studies

Professor Jennifer McIntosh & Professor Craig Olsson (404)

Panel discussionProfessor Louise Howard (372)A pilot trial of an electronic patient decision-aid for women considering the use of antidepressants in pregnancyDr Simone Vigod (186)Factors influencing women with bipolar disorder when making decisions about pregnancy and childbirth: a qualitative studyClare Dolman (171)Relapse of serious mental illness in the perinatal period: a historical cohort study using clinical recordsClare Taylor (139)Strategies for recruiting and preventing drop-out of women with complex needs across the Effectiveness of services for Mothers with Mental Illness (ESMI) programmeDr Selina Nath (141)The efficacy and safety of aripiprazole compared to other atypical antipsychotic in pregnant women with severe mental illness: a cohort study using linked electronic healthcare recordsDr Hind Khalifeh (206)Combined with themed abstractOnline recruitment for postnatal mental health research: feasibility, cost and sample representationDr Liana Leach (51) 14:30-15:30Creating a play space for the vulnerable mother and infantElizabeth Loughlin15:30-16:00Enhancing the parent-infant relationship - The PIRI Community HUGS ProgramJennifer EricksenPre-ordered tickets required for Invited Workshop Antenatal common mental disorders, suicidality and associated risk factors: a cross-sectional survey from a socially adverse setting, Cape TownDr Simone Honikman (209)Adverse Life Events Increase Risk for Postpartum Depression: A Large Population Based Epidemiologic StudyDr Samantha Meltzer-Brody (376)Personalising risk predictions of perinatal recurrences in bipolar disorderDr Arianna Di Florio (166)Depression and anxiety in the postpartum period and risk of bipolar disorderDr Xiaoqin Liu (225)Identifying Risk Factors for Postpartum Mood Episodes in Bipolar Disorder - A UK Prospective StudyAmy Perry (161)Does employment and job quality affect parents' perinatal mood? Review of recent evidence from two Australian cohortsDr Amanda Cooklin (154)Pharmacological Lactation Suppression with D2 Receptor Agonists and Risk of Postpartum PsychosisDr Josephine Power (216)Childhood adversities in mothers presenting to a Perinatal Mental Health Service (PMHS)Dr Rebecca Reay (341)Physical health and breastfeeding problems in the early postpartum: effect on maternal psychological well-beingDr Amanda Cooklin (151)
16:30-18:00 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Symposium Symposium Symposium Symposium Rapid Communications
Part 1. Development of the PPD ACT iOS app to phenotype and genotype women with PPD Australian public mother-baby units and models of perinatal mental health care Screening, assessment and prevalence Maternal Mental Health on Child Outcomes Latest Research and Treatment News
Chair: Dr Samantha Meltzer-Brody Chair: Professor Megan Galbally Chair: Professor Louise Howard Chair: Professor Ulrike Ehlert Chairs: Dr Catherine Chojenta and Primrose White
Searching for the Genetic Signature of Postpartum Depression With an iPhone App: the U.S. Experience of developing PPD ACTDr Samantha Meltzer-Brody (374)PACT Roll-out in the Context of Public Health Policy in AustraliaProfessor Jeannette Milgrom and Dr Naomi Wray (381)PPD-ACT - The UK ExperienceProfessor Ian Jones (375)Part 2. Epigenetic and Biological Influences on Perinatal Maternal Functioning and AttachmentNews Flash: Results from a Phase 2 trial of SAGE-547 in severe postpartum depressionDr Samantha Meltzer-Brody (400)Attachment development in the ATP Generation 3 Study: Epigenetic and biological perspectivesProfessor Craig Olsson and Dr Joanne Ryan (396)Fetal heart rate variability mediates the effect of prenatal depression on neonatal neurobehavioral maturityProfessor Bárbara Figueiredo (240)Examining the association between postpartum depression, pain sensitivity, and hormone function in a birth cohort of Latinas with and without a history of traumaDr Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo (75 & 153) Symposium overviewProfessor Megan Galbally (236)Adapting to the Changing Mental Health System While Keeping Families in MindProfessor Anne Buist (386)Helen Mayo House, South Australia's hub for perinatal mental healthDr Anne Sved Williams (387)Mercy Mental Health Mother Baby Unit, a culturally diverse catchmentJess Barnes (388)Parent Infant Inpatient UnitDr Celeste Hoopmann (389)Inpatient perinatal mental health in Western Australia: 2007-2016Dr Felice Watt (390)New frontiers in perinatal mental health inpatient careDonna Kristianopulos (391)"To hold" and "To be held": clinicians perceptions and experiences of working in a specialist perinatal and infant mental health serviceDr Karen Myors (131)The Western Australian Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Model of Care: from creation to implementationLeanda Verrier (157)

Discussion time

A cross-sectional study comparing the Whooley questions and Edinburgh postnatal depression scale against a diagnostic assessment in identifying depression in pregnancyDr Elizabeth Ryan (132)Migration and perinatal mental disorders: A systematic review & meta-analysis, and findings from the WENDY studyFraser Anderson (142)A qualitative study of women's views and experiences of depression screening in pregnancyDr Kylee Trevillion (143)Combined with themed abstractsThe City Mental Illness Stigma Scale: development of a scale to measure stigma of perinatal mental illnessDonna Moore (363)Assessing Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) symptoms during pregnancyKiki Van Broekhoven (130)Does the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale Measure the Same Constructs Across Time?Nadia Cunningham (359)Screening for perinatal anxiety disorders: an implementation trialSusanne Somerville (127)Screening for perinatal depression: when and how often?Victor Pop (129)Prevalence and determinants of persistent depressive symptoms during pregnancySophia Truijens (128)How do we know who to support?: An antenatal eligibility screening tool for a home visiting service

Dr Charlene Smith (152)

Symposium overviewProfessor Ulrike Ehlert (62)Maternal depressive symptoms during pregnancy and after pregnancy and psychiatric problems in their childrenProfessor Katri Raikkonen (183)Effects of maternal perinatal mood variation and coping stability on the infantsDr Rita Amiel Castro (94)Antenatal Depression and Stress: A Randomized Controlled StudySimone Setterberg (74)Maternal depression related to prenatal work stress and its consequences regarding birth outcomeJulia Hunold (140)Combined with themed abstractsThe impact of postpartum PTSD on child development: a population-based, two-year follow-up studyDr Susan Garthus-Niegel (54)Reproductive pathology and perinatal outcomes for infants of women with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders: a population studyTaryn Major (99)The Triple B Pregnancy Cohort Study: Alcohol use during pregnancy and developmental outcomes in infants at 12-months of ageDr Clare McCormack (354) The impact of poor mental health on health care costs in the perinatal periodDr Catherine Chojenta (344)Perinatal negative thoughts and their association with psychological distress: A theoretical overviewJaime Wroe (377)Comparing changes in physical functioning, mental health functioning and depression ante-natally and post-natally in first-time mothersPrimrose White (72)"Identification Reformulation " - Now Let's Start Addressing Perinatal Anxiety and Depression in PregnancyMark Huthwaite (112)Mirtazapine in Severe Nausea and Vomiting in PregnancyAdrienne Einarson (301)Maternal Comprehensive Health and Addiction Program (MCHAT): Maintenance therapy with Buprenorphine vs. Methadone in the Pregnant womanDr Lucy Bayer-Zwirello (117)The effects of a Creative-Arts Therapies ante-natal program for first-time mothers on levels of depression and anxiety and coping in the peri-natal periodPrimrose White (70)Collaborating to Increase Education and Awareness About Perinatal Mood and Anxiety DisordersTara Petty (196)Out of the clinic and onto the dance floor: 'Club Bump' - a community-based lifestyle intervention to improve maternal health and wellbeingDr Lesley Smith (41)Parents' mobile screen use while in the company of infants and young children: an exploratory qualitative studyDr Nicola Beamish (111)
19:00 for 19:30 start SURPRISE GALA DINNER Speaker: Georgie Harman, CEO beyondblueExpect great conversation, company and a few surprises!Dress: Cocktail (wear the colours of your country or just sit back and enjoy the festivities)Pre-ordered tickets required for Gala Dinner.
Grand 5 & 6Sponsored by beyondblue
WEDNESDAY 28th September
07:30-08:45 Gidget Breakfast Session
Presentation by Dr Vijay Roach - From Illness to Wellness; shifting the paradigm in perinatal mental health careGrand 1 & 3Seats are limitedSponsored by Gidget Foundation
08:00-09:00 Registrations Open
09:00-09:30 Introduction to Channi Kumar LecturePlenary - Channi Kumar LectureIndigenous Perinatal Mental Health – Reflections on Culturally Secure PracticeProfessor Rhonda Marriott
Chair: Professor Jeannette Milgrom
Grand 5 & 6
09:30-10:00 Introduction and presentation of Marcé Medal by the President, International Marcé Society, Professor Jeannette MilgromPlenary - Marcé MedalThe history of the Marcé Society- a fascinating journeyDr Nine Glangeaud-Freudenthal
Grand 5 & 6
10:00-10:30 COFFEE BREAK
10:30-12:00 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Invited Speaker and Symposium Rapid Communications Symposium Symposium Workshops
Translating Neuroimaging into Clinical Care The Voice of Lived Experience Maternal sensitivity: bonding, distress and targets for intervention It takes a village to raise a child - innovative and integrated models of care Engaging Fathers & Couples
Chair: Dr Jeffrey Meyer Chair: Dr Angela Bowen Chair: Dr Anne-Laure Sutter-Dallay Chairs: Dr Julia Feutrill and Livia Martucci Chair: Dr Nick Kowalenko
Translating Monoamine Oxidase A Imaging into a New Dietary Supplement to Reduce Severity of Postpartum BluesDr Jeffrey MeyerThe Effects of Prenatal Maternal Stress and Smoking on Fetal BehaviourDr Nadja ReisslandWhat can neuroimaging tell us about preterm brain development?
Dr Deanne Thompson
World Maternal Mental Health DayDr Angela Bowen and Dr Alfonso Gil-Sanchez (383)Something to Worry About! Lived Experiences of Perinatal Anxiety: Emerging Themes and Preliminary FindingsZalia Powell (323)Maternal role or a mother-infant relationship?Dr Joan Garvan (250)Characteristics of callers to PANDA Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia National Helpline and their health assessment, history and risk factorsDr Touran Shafiei (297)Communication around perinatal emotional and mental health: The rationale for a new approach to positioning information outside of a mental health contextDr Nicole Highet (270)"Voices of the unheard": Experiences and perceptions of motherhood in mothers with severe mental illness- a qualitative perspectiveDr Debanjan Banerjee (330)Parental Mental Illness: Adult Children's Narratives of Parenting - Journeys of RecoveryDr Gill Murphy (320)Recovery from Postnatal Depression: Endurance, sedition and sorting the family baggageDr Sue Cowie (177)Giving voice to women with postnatal depressionDr Helena Ann Mitchell (373)Bridging the Gaps For New ParentsKellie Edwards (283)

Application of resilience theories in the transition to parenthood: a scoping review

Cecily Young (253)

Postnatal depression in the ELFE cohort: issues from a multifactorial modelDr Anne-Laure Sutter-Dallay (265)Maternal depression and anxiety, parent-infant interaction and infant social-emotional development following very preterm birthDr Carmen Pace (80)Preconception common mental disorder and maternal-infant bonding problems: A prospective cohort study from adolescenceDr Yvette Alway (397)Development of the Pre- and Postnatal Bonding ScaleSophie Truijens (164)Early maternal adversity, endogenous oxytocin, and their association with child disorganized attachment behaviourDr Phyliss Zelkowitz (243)Associations between maternal-foetal attachment and infant development outcomes: A systematic reviewGrace Branjerdporn (207)The role of Oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) DNA Methylation in human behaviour: a review of studies to date and future directionsDr Catherine Maud (15)Early Intervention to Protect the Mother-Infant Relationship Following Postnatal Depression - A Randomised Controlled TrialProfessor Jeannette Milgrom (382)A NICU Based Intervention for Parents of Preterm Infants Affects Early Maternal Sensitivity and Maternal Mental HealthCarmel Ferretti (118) Co-ordinating care for vulnerable families across time, disciplines and sectors in line with the Western Australian Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Model of Care - A private practice case studyDr Julia Feutrill (318)Engagement and Individualised Care: The Role of the General Practitioner Lactation Consultant in a Perinatal and Infant Mental Health ServiceDr Marnie Rowan (293)Supporting the individual within the family and within the village in a multidisciplinary private practice settingAnne Clifford (345)The Western Australian Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Model of Care - A case studyDr Felice Watt (357)Martucci SymposiumIntegrating care: a joint obstetric psychiatric antenatal clinicLivia Martucci (144)Obstetric and neonatal outcomes of women admitted antenatally to a mother and baby unit die to significant mental health illnessDr Olivia Protti (299)The NELFT PPIMHS triage clinic (Innovative solutions to increased birth rates not matched by increased resources in London)Janet Obeney-Williams (223)Peer supported Open Dialogue (POD) in Perinatal Mental Health ServicesDr Nisha Shah (222)Perinatal Service Development: innovative and integrated models of careSilvina Diaz-Bonino (334) 10:30-11:20The Young Parenthood Program: Interpersonal Skill Building for Young Expectant Mothers and FathersDr Paul Florsheim (136)11:20-11:40Looking to the Future; how much easier treating perinatal depression when father makes threeDr Nick Kowalenko (271)11:40-12:00Dads Who CanTimothy O'Leary (184)
13:00-14:30 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Symposium Symposium Symposium Rapid Communications Workshops
Pregnancy, Programming, & Epigenetics Self-help programs for perinatal mental health Therapeutic Creativity Supporting Mothers and Babies Screening Integrated Care and Screening
Chair: Dr Camille Hoffman Chair: Professor Susan Ayers Chair: Dr Denise Guy Chairs: Dr Margaret Howard and Dr Nicole Highet Chair: Dr Kimberly Lomonaco
Identification and Replication of Epigenetic Biomarkers of Postpartum DepressionDr Lauren Osborne (284)Oxytocin Receptor DNA Methylation in Postpartum DepressionDr Mary Kimmel (245)Adverse Childhood Experiences Relates to Psychological and Physiologic Stress in PregnancyDr Camille Hoffman (288)Maternal Pregnancy-Specific Stress Predicts Adverse Maternal-Fetal Blood Flow, Fetal Physical Growth, and Neonatal OutcomesTerri Levine (185)Early childhood behavioural outcomes following prenatal exposure to a natural disaster: the Queensland Flood StudyBelinda Lequertier (114) Evaluating expressive writing to improve postpartum health: A randomized controlled trialProfessor Susan Ayers (203)Cry Baby: An online infant sleep and settling programMonique Seymour (273)Internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Women With Postnatal Depression: A Randomized Controlled Trial of MumMoodBoosterDr Christopher Holt (77)Online self-help initiatives to extend the reach of the What Were We Thinking evidence-based psychoeducation program to prevent postnatal mental health problemsDr Heather Rowe (331)Partners to Parents: Development of an On-line Intervention for Enhancing Partner Support and Preventing Perinatal Depression and AnxietyPamela Pilkington (13)Does an online wellbeing program (Baby Steps) prevent perinatal distress in first-time fathers and mothers?Davina Sanders (256) Symposium overviewDr Denise Guy (325)Implementing the watch, Wait and Wonder Intervention in a Community Based Perinatal and Infant Mental Health ServiceDr Lucinda Smith and Dr Adaobi Udechuku (332)Implementing the Watch, Wait and Wonder Intervention in a Mothers and Babies ServiceFiona Will and Dr Liz MacDonald (333)Training and Implementing the Watch, Wait and Wonder Intervention in Perinatal Mental Health SettingsDr Denise Guy (367)An Experiential way to attachment: Dance and Dance-PlayElizabeth Loughlin (255)Music therapy in an inpatient mother and baby unit: an evaluation of acceptability, experience of participation and perceived impactNicole Reilly (149)Mothers, babies, and scrapbooking: A creative group intervention for overcoming perinatal difficulties and enhancing the mother-baby bondRebecca Chivell (66)The effects of a Dance/Movement therapy ante-natal program for first-time mothers on labour and birthPrimrose White (71) Glimmers of Hope: Updates in US Perinatal Screening Guidelines and Implications for TreatmentDr Margaret Howard (215)Mental Health E-Screening during Pregnancy: Risks and BenefitsDr Dawn Kingston (210)Mental Health E-Screening during Pregnancy: Performance of the EPDSDr Dawn Kingston (242)iCOPE Feasibility Trial: Building innovation and sustainability through digital screening in clinical and research settingsDr Nicole Highet (269)Validation of the Whooley questions for antenatal depression and anxiety among low-income women in urban South AfricaDr Carina Marsay (88)Recent Perinatal Mental Health Policy Changes in the USDr Nancy Selix (168)Is routine psychosocial assessment acceptable and feasible in a private, regional maternity setting? An audit of the St John of God Ballarat experienceDr Harish Kalra (148)Patient Evaluation for the Development of Postpartum DepressionDr Mary Brulja (158) 13:00-13:45Behavioral Health Integration in Women's Care: The Future of Integrated Care in AmericaDr Kimberly Lomonaco (205)13:45-14:30Integrating Postpartum Mental Health Screening into a Multi-site Pediatrics SystemDr Lucy Puryear (16)
14:30-15:00 COFFEE BREAK
15:00-16:30 Grand 5 & 6 Grand 4 Grand 3 Grand 1 Grand 2
Symposium Symposium Symposium Rapid Communications Workshops
Anxiety - Prevalence, Assessment and Effect on Infants Sleep, Fatigue and Interventions Challenges including the use of perinatal screening and assessment in non-English speaking women in LAMI countries Trauma, Risk and Stress NPA Recommendations for Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents and Staff
Chair: Professor Cindy-Lee Dennis Chair: Dr Karen Wynter Chair: Professor Prabha Chandra Chairs: Dr Jeffrey Cubis and Rosie Smith Chair: Dr Nancy Selix
The Prevalence of Antenatal and Postnatal Anxiety: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisProfessor Cindy-Lee Dennis (172)The structure of negative emotional states in a postpartum inpatient sampleNadia Cunningham (360)Self-identified antenatal anxiety and early infant outcomesProfessor Fiona Alderdice (275)Early life experiences of infants with heart disease and their parents: Psychobiological pathways of influence and for interventionAssociate Professor Nadine Kasparian (337)Maternal Stress and Mood May Influence Placental HPA Function in Relation to Preterm BirthDr Camille Hoffman (287)Antenatal Depression and Anxiety Treatment with Beating the Blues Before Birth BBBB © positively impacts infant development at 9 months postnatal, a Pilot RCTJennifer Ericksen (69) Australia's Residential Early Parenting Services: Patient Needs And Treatment ApproachProfessor Jane Fisher (342)Distinct or the Same? Subjective Fatigue and Depression in Women Admitted with Unsettled Infants to a Residential Early Parenting ServiceDr Karen Wynter (309)Sleep Disturbance in Mothers with Unsettled Infants: Clinical Features and CorrelatesDr Bei Bei (146)Changes in Psychomotor Vigilance, Impulsivity, Distress and Sleep-Related Functioning in Mothers Attending a Five-Day Residential Early Parenting Service for Unsettled Infant BehavioursNathan Wilson (313)Combined with themed abstractsEarly versus late wake therapy improves mood in ante-partum and post-partum depression by differentially altering sleep and melatonin timingDr Barbara Parry (76)Mothers' attachment state-of-mind and outcomes of a residential parent-infant intervention for unsettled infant behaviourDr Jane Kohlhoff (321)Sleep, crying and feeding problems at 1 month of age: prevalence and comorbidity in Australian infantsDr Fallon Cook (249)Does my child have a sleep problem and what are my options? Mothers' perceptions of what influences their sleep management decisionsHayley Etherton (150) Observations from an interviewer-administered format of EPDS in a low literacy population from IndiaProfessor Prabha Chandra
(135)Evaluation of Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale among women who have recently given birth in Vietnam and Australia: Item response theory analysisDr Thach Tran (232)A validation study of three psychometric instruments for screening for perinatal common mental disorders in women and men in VietnamProfessor Jane Fisher (233)Factors affecting decision making about pregnancy among women with severe mental illness - an exploratory study from IndiaDr Ashlesha Bagadia and Dr Geetha Desai (303)Emotional well-being of a sample of Saudi Arabian women in the first ten weeks postpartumFahima AlSomali (60)Are Somatic Symptoms during pregnancy an indicator of Psychological Distress? - a study from IndiaDr Geetha Desai (274)
Conceptualising and measuring PTSD after birthProfessor Susan Ayers (211)Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms and clinical diagnoses and profiles of mothers presenting to a Perinatal Mental Health Service (PMHS)Dr Jeffrey Cubis (352)Postpartum PTSD is a consequence of physical pelvic floor injury after a traumatic vaginal birthElizabeth Mary Skinner (347)Miscarriage: A mental health risk factor for immigrant womenDr Francine de Montigny (92)Using CBT & Mindfulness with pregnancy loss - A case studyRosie Smith (187)Evaluation of a Pregnancy After Loss Clinic: Transitioning to motherhood following previous perinatal lossGrace Branjerdporn (122)The Impact of Parental Age at Birth on Self-Reported Behaviour Problems in AdolescentsDr Jessica Tearne (317)The Experience of Pregnancy and Early Motherhood in Mothers of Advanced Maternal AgeDr Jessica Tearne (314)Psychological Characteristics of Participants to a Victorian Surrogacy ArrangementDr Sarah Nowoweiski (338)Are mood, anxiety and breastfeeding disorders associated with ART? A preliminary studyAdjunct Professor Flavia Adalgisa Di Stefano (197)

Postnatal demoralisation: growing evidence for its relevance, detection, and treatment

Dr Irene Bobevski (324)

The Effect of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Women During Their Childbearing Years

Alison Tinker (113)

15:00-15:45Getting From Here to There: Translation of the National Perinatal Association Interdisciplinary Recommendations for Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents and Staff into Clinical PracticeDr Nancy Selix, Associate Professor Stephen Lassen, and Associate Professor Marylou Martin (165)
Grand 2
15:45-16:30Symposium Mindfulness and Attachment
Chair: Dr Anne Sved-Williams
Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for Antenatal and Perinatal Health and Well-BeingKellie Edwards (57)Mindful Attachment Group Program for Mothers Experiencing Postnatal DistressDr Roslyn Galligan (235)
16:30-17:00 PlenaryFrontiers in treating perinatal depressionProfessor Michael O'HaraChair: Professor Jane FisherGrand 5 & 6Sponsored by Bupa Australia
17:00-17:30 CLOSING CEREMONYNew President announced, International Conference 2018, film and preview, and Australasian Marcé Conference 2017Closing Address: Professor Jeannette Milgrom / Professor Jane Fisher / Dr Prabha Chandra / Dr Lyndall WhiteGrand 5 & 6
17:30 Post Conference Event/Drinks
08:30-12:00 WorkshopIssues in Diagnosis and Treatment of PTSDProfessor Rachel YehudaLake 3 & 4 08:30-12:00 Masada Mother Baby Unit Tour08:45-14:15 Werribee Mercy Mother Baby Unit TourClick here for more information.
12:30- dusk ++ Board Members & Executives Lunch and Post Conference function